07 August 2012

How do you describe...

...an adult who doesn't know left from right?

A “Far-Right” connection, or ideology, would be movement toward less government, or, in the extreme, the complete absence of government – ie. Anarchy. The total opposite of Nazi beliefs. (Ron Paul supporters are the furthest right on most aspects)

This is strategic mental control, and manipulation by the Progressive usurpers, of verbiage, must be countered with Truth. A well-known close correlation, as an example of how the left uses Left-Wing behavior to label right-minded Groups, is the Chinese Student Uprising at Tiananmen Square circa 1989.

In the Tiananmen Square example the crackdown was labeled a shift to the “hard-right”. Labeled as such by the elites, the media, the punditry et al. However, again, a crackdown to control with oppressive government is a move to the “left”, not “right”.
I'd call 'em stupid, myself.

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