15 August 2012

That's how a REAL Governor rolls!

Jan Brewer, the Most Excellent and Badass Governor of the Sovereign State of Arizona, has just flipped Obummer the double bird.  With a twist.

Jan Brewer has signed an executive order directing state agencies to deny driver’s licenses and other public benefits to young illegal immigrants who obtain work authorizations under a new Obama administration program.

After the order was issued, supporters of the program and the DREAM Act took to the streets of Phoenix in protest. Video from Air15 showed the protesters carrying signs and walking down Central Avenue toward the State Capitol.

Brewer’s Wednesday order says she’s reaffirming the intent of current Arizona law denying taxpayer-funded public benefits and state identification to illegal immigrants.

Hey, how about you folks "Dream" your way into the American Consulate, apply for a visa, and come here legally, just like three of my four parents did?  Or would that be too much trouble?

God bless you, Governor Brewer--keep up the fight.  We've got your back.

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