29 September 2012

Behind the useful idiots

Mark America deconstructs the motivations behind the Institutional Left.  This is so chilling, I should have probably saved it for a Halloween post.

I allow that we conservatives perceive their desires as being in spite of the facts because I firmly believe, and indeed now know that this isn’t the case at all: They know their system will result in disaster. They know their economic practices are lies intended to destroy the country. They know that their view of criminal justice merely lets criminals off the hook, while making their victims doubly accosted. They know all of this. I speak not of the useful idiots, who don’t know much of anything except that they want their “Obama-phones” or “Cash for Clunkers” or “EBT cards,” or their truckload of free contraceptives, or whatever they’re after on any particular occasion. Instead, I am talking of the cloistered, ivory-tower intellectuals of the left, who fancy themselves geniuses of social organization, but who without the forcing hand of government could not assemble an afternoon tea for lack of practical knowledge and experience. These are the people who sit about thinking over the problems of what to do with millions of intractable, un-rehabilitated conservatives and capitalists once the statists finally attain their end-to-end control. Their answer is the same for this problem as for any other: Death. Kill them.
RTWT.  This is the horror we find ourselves facing, backed by a horde of mindless, spoiled children in adult bodies.  This--submission or death--is what they have in mind for us.

And they're in charge.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

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  1. Well, damn, I think every one of us has, at one time or another, had this thought flit across our minds. But to have it so starkly stated makes it chillingly real. Back to the range for me.


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