16 September 2012

The Libertarian Party needs to wake up.

Mr. Denninger continues his thoughts from yesterday's post(linked 2 down):

We can also have a fair political debate as to whether we should have foreign missions at all, and if so, where. That's fair game and a debate we damn well ought to have. We should couple it with our idiotic failure of an energy policy that has left us with the obligation to defend foreign energy access lest our economy instantly collapse. But that debate is difficult as the simple (and wrong) prognostications of many, including Johnson and (sadly) Ron Paul, disconnected from the energy situation, is untenable and thus either belies an unserious appeal to wingbats on one fringe of the party or another, or worse, a vapid lack of understanding of how we got where we are today. The latter, if true, is especially dangerous for someone who aspires to be Commander In-Chief.

But this latest series of actions by clearly-coordinated groups of militants leave no room for discussion or debate. Embassy land is sovereign US territory just as is, for example, the Egyptian Embassy in our nation is sovereign Egyptian territory. Both are established under bilateral agreement and long-standing International Law. A nation can expel another's ambassadors and revoke that agreement but until it does so via diplomatic channels the land on which that Embassy sits is not theirs, it's ours.

No nation exists if it will not defend its soil.
I wonder if anyone in the LP realizes just how many more people would be in their corner except for their stupidity concerning foreign policy?

I'm all for individual liberty, and--in theory--anarchy would be a great thing.  You know, I don't tell you what to do, you don't tell me what to do.  I respect your property and liberty and you respect mine.  If we want to get something done through cooperative effort, participation is strictly voluntary, not forced by some goverment agency.  Great idea, right?

But this could only work if every single person were committed to those principles.  They're not.  Not even all Americans agree with this, let alone the rest of the world.  There are people, cultures and nations that want power over others, and these are what we must defend ourselves and our civilized allies against.  If we do not defend America--the only nation founded upon the principle of individual liberty--then freedom dies.  If we do not defend our culture, our country and our Constitution, and back up those who support these things, Earth will fall to abject tyranny faster than anyone dreamed possible.

That's where too many of my fellow Libertarians are wrong.  They fail to see that not all countries and cultures are equal.  Those who support us, need our support in turn, and those who are actively hostile to liberty must be met with determination and strength.

Come on, Ronulans...just do that final bit of growing up, for all our sakes.

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