15 September 2012

Karl Denninger for President

Seriously.  This is what we need, not our current Appeaser-in-Chief.

But in the meantime, until our CTL and thorium infrastructure is online, if one more American dies or is mistreated, if one more square millimeter of our property is damaged or destroyed, or if one more armed military action is taken against our people or property you will be hunted down like dogs and the pieces of what remain when our military is done with you will be fed to feral pigs. And should you decide that due to this change in policy you intend to go out in a "blaze of glory" let me warn you that if a mass-destruction action is taken against our land or people, or against our allies, we will turn Mecca and Medina into high-quality glass. And once we have taken retribution for your acts we will then expropriate what you used to have, dollar-for-dollar, to compensate us for the harm you inflicted upon us.

Oh, one more thing -- we will not implement Sharia Law or anything approximating it. Further, self-declared enemies of our nation are not welcome on our soil; America is a place for freedom-loving people who respect the freedom of religion, including the right to be free from religion if one so chooses. The people of this nation have the absolute right to insult anyone they so choose; while such behavior may be boorish or rude the right to free expression is nonetheless one of our founding principles. Any individual or group that resorts to violence in response to free expression and through doing so brings harm to any American or their property will be deemed to have self-declared themselves as a rabid animal and we will defend our citizens and property from such rabid animals using all necessary force without apology or second thought.

Consider this a formal warning, because it is.

That's what we should have been saying all along.  You can't reason with fanatics.  You can't expect savages to understand anything but force.  You can't trust barbarians to be honorable or civilized.

So why are we doing it?

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