09 September 2012

Immoral, illegal and unConstitutional

I refer, of course, to the ATF, an agency that simply has no Constitutional justification for its existence.  (Neither does the DEA, but we'll cover that another time.)

Brought to you by our friends at Sipsey Street, we have this article that--if true--shows us just how deep "Fast & Furious," aka "MurderGate" goes.

You sometimes meet the most interesting people at the gun range. Recently, I initiated a conversation with a fellow who turned out to be a retired ATF agent. Naturally, I brought up the subject of the foul operation known as Fast and Furious. To my surprise, this fellow stated that an operation such as Fast and Furious is just one part of a 3-part ongoing procedure. Fast and Furious, according to this retired ATF agent, was developed to discredit firearms dealers. If guns purchased in the US “walked” across the southern border and wound up in the hands of drug cartel members, then ATF would have cause to put even more restraints on firearms retailers while at the same time giving the ignorant public a poisoned view of gun shops and gunsmiths.

Second part of ATF’s discrediting procedure is to put an undue strain on manufacturers and importers and in some cases, actually put them out of business. The way they perform this neat little trick is by coming up with rules and regulations that are completely arbitrary.

Third part in the procedure is to “examine” and “test” firearms to make sure they comply with the Gun Control Act of 68, the National Firearms Act and whatever other federal law may apply. This is aimed at the individual gun owner, who is then arrested and prosecuted based on what comes out of the ATF lab.

RTWT.  It's not a damn 'mistake.'  It's a cold, sociopathically-calculated plan to disarm the American people, regardless of who suffers and/or dies in the process.

Your tax dollars at work.  Don't it make ya proud?


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