10 June 2013

Edward Snowden: The last Patriot?

Or one of many?  Brian hopes the latter, as do I.

Nobody can figure out what Snowden's motive is. Is he a spy, did he do it for China, money, fame, is he off his meds?

You see in the jaded, cynical world that we currently live in- the possibility that someone did this as a patriotic act is so far removed from the self absorbed reasoning of Americans that it is seemingly impossible. Why would a guy do such a thing?

You can bet your ass that big brother is going to turn every possible stone until they come up with a narrative that is plausible. They'll want to make an example out of this guy. And you can damn sure bet that nobody in this administration is going to use the words "Snowden" and "patriot" in the same sentence. Their job this week, will be to vilify Snowden while flexing every muscle they have.

Some of us use guns, some use keyboards...

...but we are everywhere.  And Big Brother ph33rz r 1337 5k1llz!!

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