07 June 2013

The one and only thing that matters


We will challenge you to let go of ideas, judgments and beliefs you may have held on to for a very long time. We will do our best to open your mind by speaking to your heart.

You are not who you think you are. You are not defined by the beliefs of others or by groups of people you have for one reason or another aligned yourself with. We must not be afraid to look into our own hearts and souls to look to see what is inside so that we can begin to distinguish truth from lies, light from dark and good from evil.

It begins by lifting the walls of anger, hatred and hurt we have separated ourselves with. Once we have done that, the awakening process will begin and the walls we have created to keep ourselves apart from others will begin to crumble. When they do, we will find each and see each other again other – as Americans. Anger and hatred will give way to love, light, truth and power. With truth comes power…the power to defeat all things that are not of the light.
I don't care about your color, your gender, your faith or lack thereof, whatever consenting people you get busy with, or where you or your ancestors came from.  If you're down with freedom, America and, above all, truth--I've got your back.

If not, we're gonna have us a problem.

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  1. That is the only purpose for Political Correctness is to cloud the truth. When we can't speak openly to each other without fear, we lose touch with the truth.


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