24 June 2013

The last word on that Yewman dumbass

I've refrained from commenting on this entire debacle, since I consider it a hazard to my mental health to contemplate such a vast amount of entirely stupid behavior.  Fortunately, others are braver than I:

Heidi Yewman fails to take the necessary steps, and instead of proving that the law is too easy, proves only that she is an arrogant, reckless woman who is willing to endanger others to score a political point.

She should be ashamed of herself.

Finally, I do want to point out that even in this worst case scenario, an untrained, highly emotional, nervous wreck of a woman carried a loaded gun into a public space, and nobody got shot. There were no children harmed in the making of her post.

Yeah, it's exactly like that.  Ms. Yewman is only proving that the greatest danger to society is an idiot with an agenda.  Please, ma'am, do the world a favor:  Get rid of that weapon, but first, empty the magazine into your computer tower so that you're rendered incapable of foisting your ridiculous excuse for 'thought' upon the rest of us.

(HT SayUncle)

UPDATE:  OK, this is likely the VERY last word on Ms. Dumbass, but prepare for lots of language that makes me look like an altar boy.

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  1. I wound up fisking the silly bint on my FFOT (Friday F**k Off Thread) post last Friday. I cannot stand people like that, and would love to slap her in the face with a wet fish, then take the gun out of her hands as she fumbles it, then field strip it and give it back to her to see what she does with it.


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