29 June 2013

New addition to the RTD blogroll

Because this.

I understand you might be scared and think military and paintball gear is really cool because you can blend in. Having some camo gear for hunting and maybe even recon is smart. Having a wardrobe of tactical camo and full black outfits that you plan to wear every day could be suicidal.

A big aspect of post apocalyptic survival is blending in and not making yourself a target. Camouflage is not always the best way to “blend in”. I urge you to keep that in mind when you are preparing your kit for after the apocalypse. It is really tempting to just get the most tactical oriented gear possible and try to be the terminator.

Post apocalyptic gear doesn’t make you the terminator. Being a robot that comes back from the future makes you the terminator. Don’t forget that post apocalyptic clothing is not about looking cool, it is about surviving. I just hope you realize that just like in modern society, you can dress however you want and people can and will judge you for it. Which leads us right into our next category of ridiculousness.

You gotta love a guy who understands reality.

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