02 March 2014

Are there any of these guys left?

Rough language aside, I love Badass Of The Week.  Here's a look at Charles C. Rogers, a man who was definitely no REMF.

Charles Calvin Rogers was a math major.  A Lieutenant Colonel.  An artillery commander.  A decorated senior officer whose job involved staying back behind the front lines calculating firing angles with a slide rule and a portable astrolabe, launching artillery shells the size of small children at enemy coordinates screamed into his ear via radio by panicking junior-grade infantry officers, and blowing the crap out of things at such long distances he needed a decent hill and a pair of high-magnification binoculars just to get a decent look at the fireworks. 

He wasn’t supposed to be bayonet-charging a horde of North Vietnamese Army regulars on the Cambodian border in the middle of Halloween night with two goddamned chunks of burning-hot mortar shrapnel embedded in his ribs and AK-47 bullets ripping up the jungle underbrush around from every direction. 

But when the opportunity presented itself, he didn’t pass it up.  He rallied his troops, slapped a magazine into his rifle, and didn’t stop cracking skulls until the sun came up.

That's the kind of man America used to produce by the thousands.  I fear that isn't the case today.

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