26 March 2014

Got it in one.

From Cold Fury's place:

This is the basis of my violent disagreement with the civility junkies who want to play nice and the establishment GOP who want to give in a little bit at a time. They both assume that the other side is working in good faith. But they're not. 

They will take whatever power is given them, and holler for more. They will use their post-modern training to redefine every term in the debate in their favor, and scream bloody murder and smear you out of civil society if you call them on the redefinition.* They are determined to break every damn egg in the world to make their collectivist omelet, just so long as they get the control to boss everyone else around.  

Worst of all, they won't even give up if they get all the power. They won't be satisfied until everyone thinks exactly like them. Orwell had this nailed over sixty years ago. They want control over our very minds, and they won't quit they get it or go down in violent resistance. 

The violence is coming. I don't want it, and I don't think most people on the right want it. But the left is determined to push and push and push for power and control, abandoning rule of law, custom, precedent, and wanting else that gets in their way. Without those tools to push back, they are leaving their opposition with only one tool left - violent resistance.  

They have made their terms clear. They are willing to subvert the system in any way necessary, and they will never be stopped by political means. They may be delayed that way, but they won't be stopped. They are basically throwing down the gauntlet and saying "If you want to stop us, you're going to have to fight us." 

The only other thing that can stop them is meltdown of the entire system. So at this point, I think it's basically a race. Will the system fall apart first, or will enough liberty-minded folks band together to push back with something like secession (which will have to be defended with violence). Based on the fish-faced fools I see most places I go, with eyes that glaze over as soon as debt or big government or civil rights are mentioned, I'm betting on meltdown. 

(*) Unfortunately with the cooperation of quislings supposedly on the same side. See what happened to Jeff Goldstein for an example.

My thoughts exactly.

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