06 March 2014

Crimea: Should we really care?

Honestly, sorting out the truth from the bullshit these days is like searching for a needle in a haystack, if the haystack was composed of hay the exact shape, size and color of a needle.  I don't claim to be a foreign policy expert, but here's a pretty good argument--above and beyond the fact that we have a collection of un-American, cowardly wastes of carbon in charge of this country and its military--for why we should really keep our noses out of this whole Crimea mess.

The United States needs to implement a new policy of “We are not the world’s police anymore, so f*ck off.” 

Being “world cop” has brought us nothing but pain, loss, grief, and expense, and all in return for everyone hating us.  

So f*ck them.  They want to hate what we’ve been doing for them?  Let them deal with it from now on. 

No, the entire article isn't written from spite, but it contains some points to ponder.  What's your analysis?


  1. We shouldn't (actually "can't" - as "simply do not possess the capacity") be the world's cop. But we should be doing things to convince a power hungry despot like Putin he can't just roll his tanks all the way to English channel. Or into Poland. My prescription in this case would be to forward deploy some armored divisions and fighter/bomber squadrons on the soil of fellow NATO member Poland. Post haste. Make a serious statement that the Polish border is too far. Because that's where NATO starts. We didn't win the cold war just to walk away. At least that has a chance to avoid a general invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

  2. We should have left NATO when the USSR broke up. If Putin wants to roll his tanks to the English Channel, let him. The conversations I have had with various Euros over the past 10 years convinced me we should have let either Hitler or Stalin have the place and saved our blood and treasure.


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