26 March 2014

NWA had it right.

F*ck tha Police!!  Especially in (Anti)American Fork, UT.

Before the county attorney's office began its inquiry, Mark received another official visit from the AFPD.  

"An American Fork officer showed up at our door – a really big guy I hadn't seen before,” Mark attests.  

"I'm here to tell you that if you pursue this it will not go well for you,” the officer growled at Mark, taking care to cover his badge with one hand.  

"What's your name?” Mark asked. “Are you threatening me?”  

"You should just know that this isn't going to go well for you,” the officer said, ignoring Mark's question and turning to leave.

Read the whole story of unmitigated evil on display, and ask yourself:  When will we say "ENOUGH!!"?

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