10 March 2014

Young people: You are being gaslighted.

If you read any post on any blog for the entirety of 2014, read this one.

In the end, you have what I would estimate to be a full 60% of an economy dedicated to deluding, lying, propagandizing, deceiving, and misleading the entire population.  PLaying off of everybody's desires and innate preference for leisure over labor, the aforementioned 8 entities aim to profit off of these natural human weaknesses.  Moral or not, supportable or not, the aforementioned groups of liars don't care.  They're making their money and will destroy the country if they have to, and they're succeeding on both fronts.

But there's just one problem.

Did you noticed how most of the effort and lying these groups do are aimed at children and youth?  That most of the lying occurs early on in a very despicable and evil way as they're targeting the children?  That's not by accident, it's done on purpose.  Children are easily brainwashable and once you instill lies into their minds, their minds and mental structure grow around it, making the resulting adult mind almost impervious to reality, and consequentially, deluded.  This is merely economics as the "Lying 8" know an ounce of brainwashing early on prevents a pound of propaganda later.  However, targeting children is also their biggest weakness and this is where the Truth Industry comes in.

Granted, there are a couple of typos, since the Good Captain is far too busy enjoying fine cigars and liquor to bother with such frivolities.  And I happen to like fat chicks, although I recognize that I'm in the minority.  But if you're wondering why things don't seem to turn out the way you expect...if you're noticing a marked difference between the way you've been told the world works and your own personal observations...if you feel like you MUST be crazy because of this...READ THIS NOW.

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