02 May 2012

Another American hero

I'd only heard of Ms. Jada Williams in passing, buried among the hundreds of outrageous stories I read on a regular.  Most of you have likely never heard her name.  But this brave, intelligent girl of thirteen definitely merits applause from every corner of America:

In her essay, Ms. Williams drew a parallel between what she saw as a group of self-satisfied "white teachers" overseeing dysfunctional students (characterized by Ms. Williams as "so-called 'unteachable'" students) who were not being properly taught, illiterate and perpetually ignorant. This she considers a form of slavery. 
Suddenly Ms. Williams, a model student prior to the essay, began receiving low grades in her classes. In several meetings, these same teachers refused to show Ms. Williams' parents the papers and tests that garnered lower grades. During at least one such meeting, according to Mrs. Williams, a teacher union representative was present.
Sadly, not enough people know and celebrate her courage and thoughtfulness. No members of Congress, no former governors, and no professional basketball teams have taken the time, nor has the president, to publicly applaud Ms. Williams. Nobody dons a hoodie in support of a young black girl tossed aside like trash for daring to learn, daring to speak up, and being summarily punished for it.

God bless you, young lady.  I have a feeling you're not done shaking things up.  Not by far.

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  1. That's what you get for "trying to act white" in a union dominated school system.


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