15 May 2012

Hell comes to Arizona

I had a surreal experience riding home tonight...rolling south on the I-17 with the smoke from wildfires filling the sky on both sides.  Yep, it's summer in Arizona and half the state's on fire.  One of them is close enough to be worrisome, so Mrs. Wraith and I are preparing to grab the cats and guns and bug out if we have to.

Prayers would be appreciated--not for us, but for those far braver than we--the firefighters.  These are our protectors, who run toward the danger while the rest of us flee.  These are the people we never think about until everything we have is endangered.  Words are not enough.

God bless them all.


  1. Prayes being loaded ...

  2. Thoughts and prayers for you & the firefighters - stay safe


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