04 May 2012

She's way beyond correct.

Ann Barnhardt is putting our current situation in terms only an idiot could fail to grasp.  When you're done reading this, I'll translate for you idiots that didn't get it.  (language warning)

Friday Night Hash
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - May 4, AD 2012 8:55 PM MST

1. I'd like to offer up a public apology to every so-called "crazy" person who talks to themselves, thin air, invertebrate animals, or blank walls. My friends, you, orators to the abyss, are the sane ones. Talking to people is what is insane. To wit, my email box of the last two days, flooded with "My brokerage firm clears through PNSN, but you weren't talking about me, right? I'm safe as a kitten, right? Nothing bad could ever, ever possibly happen to me, right?" [Insert profanity-laden wise-acre response of your choosing here.]

You know why this civilization is done? Because people are so narcissistic, deluded and dim that they absolutely cannot process that anything bad could ever happen to them. That is why the Obama regime, an oligarchy of a few thousand people at the very most, is going to steamroll over this entire, godforsaken country. And the people will SIT AND WATCH, completely unable to engage reality in any adult manner.

2. In a similar vein, and in the spirit of beating dead horses into pink slime (eslima rosa especial, en espanol) let's talk about "stock certificates". Many people swear they are "safe" and have nothing to worry about because some broker told them to get paper stock certificates, or something similar. Okay, we're still not comprehending this on any level, are we? What is a stock certificate? It is a legal instrument, is it not? It is a piece of paper that says that you have the legal claim to x number of shares in a corporation, which is itself also a purely legal entity, yes? Corporations do not physically exist. You can not touch a corporation. You can touch a person who is a part of a corporation by means of a legal engagement, and you can touch the physical assets of a corporation, which belong to the corporation only within a legal matrix, but the corporation itself is an IDEA, not a tangible thing.

Note the qualifier that is omnipresent in the previous paragraph: "LEGAL". What is required in order for legal entities or instruments to have any existential actualization or meaning?

The correct question is: What is THE RULE OF LAW, Alex?

So when I am screaming, waving my arms, going all "crazy eyes" and telling people that there is no RULE OF LAW, do you understand why I'm just a tad impassioned?

Your stock certificates are worthless if there is no Rule of Law. Let's say the poop hits the fan. You have a bunch of stock certificates. Great. How are you going to turn those certificates into food or water? There won't be a functioning stock exchange. Dollars will probably be worthless, and banks will cease to exist. There will be no electronic movement of money. Given that, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO CASH THOSE CERTIFICATES IN WHEN YOU ARE STARVING TO DEATH? Furthermore, the corporation you think you own shares in will NO LONGER EXIST because there will be no lawful matrix which recognizes the existence of corporations. The people who ran the corporation will either be dead or in exactly the same desperate situation that you are in, namely scavenging for food. The assets of the corporation will likely be looted or taken over by the regime.

This all gets back to the historical illiteracy of this culture, thanks largely to the Marxist infiltration of the education system. You people honestly have NO FATHOM what happened in Nazi Germany, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union, do you? When Marxist oligarchs are your "government" there is NO RULE OF LAW. It doesn't MATTER what you, or the old just legal system say you own. When jackbooted thugs come to take you away, there is no "law" to turn to, because the jackbooted thugs ARE "the law", meaning that there is no law at all except brute force and the willingness to use it. When the Soviets came to round up the Ukrainian farmers in 1933, why didn't the Ukrainians just call the police? Why didn't they produce the deeds to their homes and order the Soviets off their property? Why didn't they SUE for violating their civil rights? And the same with the Jews in Poland? And the same with the Chinese peasants under Mao?

Oh, that's right. BECAUSE THERE WAS NO RECOURSE WHATSOEVER. THERE WAS NO MORE RULE OF LAW. THERE WAS NOTHING AND NO ONE IN THIS WORLD TO TURN TO. Just ask the MF Global rape victims. There is NO RECOURSE for those people under the law, because the government and the judiciary are 100% complicit participants in the fraud, theft and rape. The only recourse those people would have is literally to war against the perpetrators, which the victims are unwilling to engage in, because they are unorganized, outnumbered, despairing and fearful. They know it would be a suicide mission, and they are not willing to commit suicide. The oligarchs are watching this, have seen the reaction, and now know that they have this entire culture exactly where they want it. They have three of the four criterion outlined above: the people are unorganized, despairing and fearful. Those three factors in combination are more than enough to overcome the "numbers". We literally outnumber these oligarchs hundreds of thousands to one, but they have the power, because they are organized, confident and unafraid. And so, the Rule of Law is now dead. Divest of ANY paper asset while you can, because ALL paper assets are wholly contingent on the Rule of Law.

So stop talking to me about all of your "stock certificates." Before this is all over, people will be rolling cigarettes with stock certificates, or shredding them and using them as fire starter.


3. Once again, just making sure everyone understands the sickening farce that is the "unemployment figure." I said last year that the reported "unemployment number" would be UNDER EIGHT PERCENT no matter what in Q4 2012. Sure enough, it appears that I will be proven exactly right. Is this because unemployment is going down? HELLZ NO! Real unemployment is climbing consistently, and is probably north of 20%.

The entire Obama regime propaganda on unemployment is driven by the fact that they keep REDUCING THE SIZE OF THE WORKFORCE. People can only collect unemployment benefits for 99 weeks. As soon as a person goes beyond 99 weeks, the Obama regime declares that person as NO LONGER IN THE WORKFORCE. There are people who have been unemployed for over two years who would work if they could find anything, but the rat bastards in the Obama regime and their propaganda arm, the media, just evaporate these people from existence, and they additionally reduce the size of the labor force arbitrarily, just so they can hit whatever predetermined number Valerie Jarret, David Axelrod, Timmy Geithner and Ben Bernanke decide it is going to be. This is what they are doing on every single unemployment report. It is all as fake as a Thai Rolex. Eventually, the Obama regime will go full-Marxist stupid, drop the labor force to 52 million and declare that Great Leader Obama has delivered a FULL EMPLOYMENT ECONOMY. And anyone who dares disagree will be shot in the back of the head with one of those 450 million rounds of .40 cal that the Obama regime just ordered.

A vast majority of those who read Ann's post, will get it.  This is for those of you who need that final push over the line.  Don't say I never did anything for ya.

I just punched you in the face.

Yep, that's right.  Completely unprovoked, I have thrust my fist into your unprotected face, breaking the cartilage in your nose, causing mind-numbing pain and spurts of your blood everywhere.  You're now writhing on the ground in agony--and confused and bewildered.  I'm not supposed to do that!  What did you ever do to me?  It's not right, it's not fair!!

Fuck you.  I don't care.  I'll do whatever I want and you're just going to take it.  Because I can.  Because I'm bigger and stronger than you.  There are no longer any rules.  The 'rules' are now set by the strongest and most ruthless.

That's what the market has devolved to.  That's what America has become.  An unprovoked punch in the face by those who give not one damn about rules, laws or fairness.  Paper is worthless.  Promises are bullshit.  Whatever you can physically hold in your hand is all you can count on for the forseeable future. 

God help us all.

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