28 May 2012

The Real Cost of Freedom

Wow.  This puts it in perspective, to be sure.

When God breathed the first breath into mankind, he could have chosen to enslave the human race. Being the author of our lives, He could have given us no choice in who we worshipped, who we served or what we thought. He could have created a worshipping throng to proclaim His goodness all their days. Instead, He created a free people. He breathed the breath of life into a people that could choose to love Him - or not. He gave us freedom, from our first breath to our last. God himself is the author of liberty. And our liberty was purchased at a great price. Blood.

When God chose to give his children freedom, He knew we would not choose Him. He knew that we would be tempted by the world. He knew we would choose to gratify ourselves, serve ourselves and love ourselves. He gave us our freedom anyway. And then, he made a way for us to belong to Him in spite of our rebellion - blood. The blood of his son to be precise.

And, so it is. Freedom has always been won with blood. Never, has a single man been freed by the swipe of a pen or the clasp of a hand. Freedom has always been fought for, bled for and died for. From the beginning of time, our freedom has been purchased with blood - the highest of prices.

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  1. God did not create man.

    Man created god.

    But it is not a problem that has to be solved with bloodshed, except to defeat those who would kill at their "god's" behest.

  2. I used to think the same thing. But the more I examine the world, the more I find it impossible to NOT believe in a God.

    And I don't believe any mortal person has every single detail right. All that, I think, will be ironed out when we are reunited with our Creator.

    As to your last sentence...my God demands that we strive to be the best that we can be, and that we love, tolerate and attempt to understand our fellow humans as best we can. 'Allah' commands total, slavish obedience and the annihilation of those who resist. When put in context, even the atheist can figure out which side to take. That's how I knew where to stand, long before I came to Christ.


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