24 May 2012

Sometimes, the conspiracy ain't a theory.

There comes a point where you simply have to yield to truth and logic.

Once I put these facts all together, I went in to my closet and put on my wookie suit. Then I took the red pill, locked and loaded, and dove in to the rabbit hole trying to see how far it goes. On Friday I came screaming out of the other end flying at mach 3, pissed off, pissed on, and with my wookie suit in flames.

The tinfoil hat wearing, “the government is in bed with the gun-haters and using my tax dollars to take away my guns”, conspiracy theorists were right. These gun ban lobbyists are being paid with tax money and are operating in government positions all over the country to do the work of the anti-gun groups.

The Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Brady Campaign’s operatives’ work to further gun control is financed on the public dime.

There will always be those who continue to ignore anything they can--whatever the logical gymnastics required--dismiss as a 'conspiracy theory.'  Of course, there are no such things as conspiracies...Julius Caesar was simply the victim of a random walk-by knifing.

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