31 May 2012

Another reason I'm writing in Sarah...

Daddy Bear explains what Mittens will have to do to get his vote:

But I’m not being asked to vote against Barack Obama, I’m being asked to vote for Mitt Romney, and he hasn’t earned my vote just because he was able to convince a majority of the registered Republicans who got off their asses and voted in the primaries that he was the least ugly elephant in the pen.

If Mr. Romney wants my vote, he’s going to have to address a lot of the concerns I have, including his stance on 2nd Amendment rights, what he will do to dismantle Obamacare, how he will lessen the intrusion of the government in our everyday lives, and how he will dismantle the overly aggressive security bureaucracy that Presidents Bush and Obama have built over the last decade. I want to see his detailed plan on how and what he is going to cut in order to save money, what he is going to do to encourage business development in this country (The right answer is to cut taxes and get the heck out of the way), and how he is going to reduce American engagement in every nook and cranny of the third world while still defending the country and its interests.

Mitt Romney signed an assault weapons ban and a government health care plan that was the model for Obamacare, and I want to hear how he has changed since then. I want more than sound bites. I want a public and explicit mea culpa, and I want to know how and why he came to see the error in his ways.

RTWT.  Daddy Bear has laid it out in very detailed and explicit terms, and I can agree to a point.  But even if Mittens does everything on DB's list, I'm still not voting for him.  Why?

Because he's a politician.  And, in case you haven't been paying attention for, like, all your freaking life... POLITICIANS LIE.  Romney can tell us all about his 'plans' and explain his 'mistakes' until Gabriel blows his horn--I won't believe a word of it.  This guy can't take a crap without consulting twelve strategists and a hundred exit polls.  His only principle is 'I wanna be President.'  Look at his record and tell me I'm wrong.

That's why I'm still going to #writeinSarah.  No, I don't think she'll win if I do so.  Even if she did, I doubt she could salvage this terminally corrupted system.  But at least I'll be able to say I voted for someone with proven, demonstrable principles.  That may not be what we'll end up with, but it's exactly what we need.


  1. I can think of one nice thing about Mittens as president.

    I can call a fascist policy what it is without being called a racist.


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