24 July 2012

A braver man than I

Mr. Monster Hunter his ownself, Larry Correia, has an Uberpost up, tearing apart a Communist News Network editorial which is full of more twisted logic, half-truths and absolute bullshit than Hollywood, Washington DC or even the trucking industry.

The reason nobody wants to talk about your gun policy is because your gun policy is stupid. This is one of those debates where most of the country has looked at your stupid way of doing things and said that it doesn’t work and we don’t want to do it anymore.

Your inner-cities are hell holes, and you blame us for the crime. Crazy people shoot innocents and you blame people who had nothing to do with it. You declare places like schools and movie theaters to be gun free zones, and they you blame us when nobody is there to defend them.

In fact, your single most reliable defense against this sort of attack is an immediate violent response, and since the police need time to get there, that means the immediate response has to come from the victim pool or not at all. Yet your policy is to kick us and our guns out of those places, that way the bad guys can work unmolested until the cops arrive.

See, I can rarely do this kind of thing.  I get about a third of the way through articles like this piece of crap written by the ironically-named Daniel Webster, and I become so absolutely outraged by the complete and utter lack of respect for anything resembling truth or objective reality that I end up beating my head against the wall, foaming at the mouth and downing triple shots of Oro Azul in a desperate attempt to make the evil go away.

Yes, I said 'evil,' not 'stupid.'  I'm done giving these pathetic excuses for humans the benefit of the doubt.  By every single rational criteria, what Mr. Webster is saying is wrong.  And I cannot believe he does not, on some level, know that.  If he doesn't, he needs some really good drugs, an I-love-me jacket and an extended stay in a room with bouncy wallpaper.

Mr. Correia has more mental fortitude than I will ever possess, to be able to read and dissect these insane ramblings without losing it.  Kinda like paying R'lyeh a visit, taking a few pictures and leaving with a souvenir postcard, while remaining perfectly calm and sane.

Well done, Mr. Correia.  Well done, indeed.

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