21 July 2012

It's not a four-letter word.

For those of you Oppressives who use the term "individualist" as an insult:

1)  Bite my crank.

2)  Read this, or have someone translate it into monosyllabic terminology punctuated with generous amounts of profanity so you can understand it.

3)  Try to come up with a rebuttal.  I'll likely find your pathetic, illogical rantings a source of tragicomic amusement.

There may be no "i" in "team," but neither is there a "we" in "achievement." Just as "we" did not vote ourselves into this mess we're in, "we" did not invent the light bulb, develop mass production of motorcars, devise the protocols of the Internet, or put a man on the moon.

All of those things were done by individuals, and -- to the extent that public monies were appropriated to pay for those things -- the vast majority of those forced to pay did not willingly give up the money, nor did even a plurality of them favor the projects. They were forced into supporting them -- unjustly -- by government which had no brief, no right, and no lawful authority to engage in the activity.

And, although the accomplishments are noteworthy, it is also worth noting that, to date, the government has done nothing worth mentioning with these wonderful initiatives. It took a British programmer working at a UN project in Switzerland to develop the mechanism that made the Internet a viable mass medium. It took an entrepreneur in Seattle to make it a viable commercial marketplace. And, now, all government can think to do with it is kill the golden goose with taxes.

 Yep, I'm an Individual, an Individualist, an independent, autonomous, self-aware, self-governing sentient being.  You should try the whole thing out sometime...once you get used to it, it's pretty cool.

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