02 July 2012

More on morons.

I speak of those who still think that "Justice" Roberts is some kind of genius.  WAKE THE HELL UP!

Do me a favor. Stop telling me how John Roberts has done us all a favor, by “throwing this back to the political realm.” Stop telling me how he’s done us a favor by “rallying the troops.” Stop telling me how he’s done us a favor by openly labeling “Obama-care as a tax.” Please don’t tell me how he’s done us a favor by “narrowing the commerce clause,” because he’s done no such thing. In fact, do me one last favor, and tell me how any of this is a favor to anybody who values freedom.

Will you next tell me that Tojo did us a favor by ordering the attack on Pearl Harbor? Did bin Laden do us a favor by hitting us on 9/11? We woke up, damnit! No? Perhaps you will tell me that Hitler did the Jews a favor by killing so many of them? After all, you might be fool enough to believe that it was the thing that motivated them to build their own country in their historic homeland. Are you going to tell me that the Catholic Church did the western world a favor by having its inquisitions? After all, it was then that we learned it might not be a good idea to mix church and state. Oh wait, well, not all of us learned that. Perhaps you can tell all the fifty million people who were not born that Roe v. Wade was doing them a favor, and the rest of us besides, since now we’re aware of the issue. Goodness gracious, we should absolutely worship the Supreme Court for that one, no? Perhaps we can thank Obama for turning our economy slowly into third-world wreckage. After all, you’re fired up about it, right?

This lunacy that bad actions, decisions, and all the rest are simply to do those of us who immediately survive it some sort of contrived favor is simply childish rationalization. Chief Justice Roberts SCREWED this country. I don’t give a hoot for his motives. They can’t possibly be good, unless you’re to tell me that he has the intellect of a three-year-old, in which case, why is he still on the court? Ladies and gentlemen, there is a serious problem. Are we so intent upon avoiding conflict that we will rationalize a complete and total defeat at the hands of a stealth, fifth-column Chief Justice into some sort of victory?

RTWT.  When even Mark America starts cussing you out, it's obvious you're a damn fool.

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