21 July 2012

NOW do you get it?

SF in Babylon(in one of the least-offensive posts I believe he's ever written)explains why this Obamacare fiasco actually germinated almost a hundred years ago, in Cut It Out, Goddamnit.  The slippery slope was obvious to anyone with the slightest understanding of principles.

But most people were too stupid to comprehend the eventual destination of the path they were headed down, so we wound up with the consequences of Prohibition, the War On Liberty Drugs, and now we've reached the obvious culmination of the insane idea that your life and body are other peoples' property:  Obamacare.

Did you (or do you) agitiate for mandatory seat belt laws, life-preserver laws or helmet laws?  Did you (or do you) cheer whenever another SWAT team smashes down a door and confiscates everything someone owns, for the simple act of using or possessing a substance you disapprove of?  Did you (or do you) support bans on smoking, guns, fatty foods, sugar, salt or anything else that--in your opinion--people "shouldn't" do?

This is the result.  When you establish the precedent that some people get to tell others what peaceable activities they can or cannot engage in; when you concede that Person A's body and/or life is now the de facto property of Person B...this is what it leads to.  Now, your life and health are the government's business, because you told them so.  If not by the words you said, then by the principles you clearly espoused through your support of laws that should never have even been contemplated in any "free" country.

Remember, many of you supposedly liberty-loving 'Conservatives'...YOU ASKED FOR IT.

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