06 July 2012

Hope springs eternal

I've been discouraged lately.  It seems that every day, we're being bombarded with anti-liberty messages from all sides, telling us how few we are, how outnumbered and outgunned, and how our efforts are doomed to fail.  Propaganda has an effect, even if you're aware of it.

But I run a Gadsden flag on my truck and my bike, and as I pulled over for a Coke in a small town on the way to work, I encountered a gentleman in a huge F-350 King Ranch.

"I love that sticker, friend!"

"Thanks.  I think it's a sentiment that needs to be spread."

"You got that right!" 

And another gentleman walking by opined,  "Damn right!  Enough is enough!"

And these aren't the only folks who've complimented my view, just the first time I had two unrelated people do so at once.

We have more backup than we think.

We can do this.  We can win.

We just have to remember that.

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