07 July 2012

Maybe there IS someone to vote for...

It's clear to anyone with more than one functioning brain cell that electing Mittens is going to have as much of an effect on what's happening to us as a flea's fart has on the rotation of the Earth.  I've been stalwart about writing in Governor Palin, but she really doesn't want the office, and I'm loath to force her into it even if millions followed my lead.

But there is a candidate who's on the ballot nationwide, and who mostly seems to get it when it comes to liberty.  While I still don't see us voting our way out of this, it couldn't hurt to take a couple of hours off from rearranging your MRE's and loading up your AR-15 mags with .308, and vote for this guy.

To reiterate, I'm pretty much convinced that the Republic is completely screwed and that we're likely going to have to vote from the rooftops.  But at least we'll be able to legitimately say we tried every possible alternative.

Or you can vote for Mittens, who I'm sure will repeal Obamacare, support the 2nd Amendment nationwide, and tirelessly support the cause of freedom and liberty throughout his administration.

I'm equally sure that Hell will be ordering a few truckloads of parkas tomorrow.

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