14 March 2011

Dude, roll me a blog!

From the comments (wow, people actually give a crap about this blog--I'm stunned!) come a couple of fine bloggers that I missed somewhere along the line.

First, please welcome 3 Boxes of BS, who has earned his spot for blazing supernovas of common sense, like this:

Frankly, I’m tired of the “it is only property” argument from the anti-rights cultists.

It isn’t.

It is an invasion of our homes.
It is a disruption of our lives.
It is an assault on the fiber of our society.

It is time we stop saying “it is only property”.

It is time we sent a message to thugs like this who think they can prey on others — Stop.
Truer words are rarely posted.  Well done, Bob.

Also in the common sense vein, we bid 'Welcome Aboard' to Low Dog on the Totem Pole(story of my life).  Everything from philosophy to recipes...an eclectic treasure trove of stuff sure to warm the hearts of the liberty-minded.

Every time I'm away for a while, I seem to discover a whole new flock of cool bloggers.  I hope not to make a habit of excessive absenteeism, though...

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  1. Hadn't seen Low Dog on the Totem Pole before - thanks for the tip!


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