30 March 2011

Where the hell are the cops?

Sharon at The Last Refuge lays it out on the table here:

There’s something here that has really been bothering me for some time: as conservatives we are delighted that we get to say what we think; we are delighted when conservative Representatives and Senators say what we think; we are delighted when Schumer is exposed for being a manipulative thug; we are delighted when Rush nails ‘em good; we are delighted when Brietbart’s young associates expose Acorn….and while we’re being all delighted about all these overdue, valuable and legitimate things, obama is continuing to do exactly what he wants to do. Until somebody stops him, we could have all the airwaves all day every day filled with conservative talk shows….he still has the power and leverage to do exactly what he’s doing. And I don’t see anybody doing anything specifically targeted to STOPPING HIM.

I’m truly not just expressing frustration and anger here: I don’t get it. We cannot just be happy for his exposure and more evidence. That’s like watching somebody repeatedly setting fire to people’s houses and we keep following him around taking pictures, making notes, filing reports, building a case, more and more people know who’s setting the fires…..but the police, who have the authority to stop him, arrest him, incarcerate him, file charges against…..don’t stop him.

If Congress doesn’t turn off the faucet, all of our glee over bigger and better mops doesn’t mean a thing. Somebody has got to stop him.

Our Constitution surely is not so flimsy that’s there’s not provision for taking someone down who is out to destroy us.

And the Republicans are using their energy trying to figure how to talk nice about the potential for a government shutdown. Sorry. I don’t see anyone seriously trying to stop him.

I no longer take any comfort at all in the fact that there are millions of us front and center who know what he’s doing, detail by detail, day by day, episode by episode. It’s doesn’t matter that we know, because it is the Currently Elected Authorities (that would be Congress) who need to take action under the Constitution to stop him or remove him. If they don’t, we are fooling ourselves if we sit around feeling good because we know stuff.

I count you all my dear friends, and trust you will sift out and set aside anything that is truly offensive to you in the way I express this…we all need to vent (which I suppose is what this is on my part). I guess I want to challenge us not to take comfort in all the conservative talk that’s going on. Don’t take comfort in the exposure of the left that is being achieved, because none of it matters unless he is stopped.

Hitler’s plans were an absolutely open book long before he pushed President Hindenburg out. Nobody stopped him. None of them were surprised when he did the things he did later. Some of them were appalled. But none of them claimed to be surprised.

We know what's happening...but what, exactly, is anyone doing about it?  I covered this a while ago:  this regime will not stop until they are clapped in handcuffs and perp-walked the hell out of office.  They have nothing but contempt for the rule of law.  They spit on the principles that are supposed to govern this country.  And the most revolting part is that no one really seems to care.

God help us.

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