15 March 2011

A prayer...

...for 50 people who likely have a free pass to Heaven.

Dear Lord,

Sometimes Your ways are confusing, even frustrating to Your children.  We don't see the big picture, and probably won't be capable of understanding it until we are reunited with You.

Apparently, the tragedy currently affecting Japan needed to happen, though we don't quite understand why.  Perhaps it's because events like this bring out the absolute best of Your children, as evidenced by the actions of these brave and selfless workers, braving frightening conditions and certain horrific consequences that they may save untold lives.

Chances are that these people are not Christians--likely Shinto and/or Buddhist.  But I believe, in Your infinite mercy, that You can overlook that.  You have told us that 'no greater love hath a man that he lay down his life for his brother.'  That is what these courageous people are doing now.  Please be with them and keep them with You always.



  1. The fireman who comfronted the melting core of Chernobyl is still alive....pray for these fifty to enjoy a similar fate.

  2. The Infinite speaks to us in an infinitude of voices, in the hopes that one will be understood ...

    I think that these fifty are one of those voices.

  3. This post is simply beautiful, Wraith. I completely agree with your spiritual assessment of folks willing to die for their sisters and brothers.

    It's been a full week, and I hope that their courage has been rewarded sooner rather than later. My blog bud World's Only Rational Man is the place to go for the latest hard info on the Fukushima situation, BTW . . .


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