16 March 2011

Ponder these words.

TL In Exile calls out the rest of America--you know, the 'normal' people as opposed to Right-Wing Extremists like ourselves.

I wrote some other time about the general public's distance and disengagement from the troubles of our nation, of not understanding that they are the key to success or failure, but that they think all they have to do is respond to pollsters and everything will be set straight.  Well, here's their chance.

The recalls in Wisconsin can prove to the leftist unions that they are indeed a small, insignificant minority and that the people of Wisconsin reject their vision of the future and deny their claims on their salaries as right and proper. Or, they can cave and let the thieves into the vault and let mob rule their state. There can be no other result.

RTWT. America, it's time for a gut check.

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  1. You have framed the issue perfectly. We shall see how large sheep flock is.

    Did you see what happed to the tax an spend RION Mayor in Miami-Dade? No sheep there!


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