27 March 2011

More on moving

During this move, I worked in the driving rain and 40-degree temperatures and got sick as a dog.  But I live in a place and time where I have decent nutrition and the knowledge of how to take care of myself, so a simple cold won't kill me.

I threw my back out from lifting so much heavy stuff.  But it beats having nothing, like I used to have and like so many in this world still do.

I had a molar go into abcess.  But I went to a dentist instead of smashing out my tooth with a rock.

It took forever to get the internet together, and it's dial-up.  But I have internet; on my home computer, my laptop and Mrs. Wraith's cell phone.

My wife had to take a temp job 60 miles away.  But we have a reliable car to get her there, and she has a job.

So, thank You, Dear Lord.  Thank You for the blessings You have bestowed upon us, and help me to never take them for granted.


  1. I'm going to try to remember this in the next few weeks as we undertake a 1200 mile move with 2 small children and a recalcitrant home builder.

  2. We're gutting our kitchen to completely remodel it. Then we're doing the floors in the LR and MBR. It'll be like moving three times. I'm not looking forward to it.

    Hope your back is better. I'm sure to be aching myself soon.


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