18 March 2011

Epic heroism

Three days ago, I posted these words regarding the Japan Crisis:

Apparently, the tragedy currently affecting Japan needed to happen, though we don't quite understand why.  Perhaps it's because events like this bring out the absolute best of Your children...
And.  Freaking.  How.

By way of Daddy Bear, we are introduced to Hideaki Akaiwa, who embodies some of the best qualities of the human race.  NSFW due to language, but I urge you to look beyond that and truly comprehend the courage, determination and spirit displayed by Hideaki-san.

Badass of the Week, indeed.


  1. Excellent link re Hideaki Akaiwa...if that's 'badass', then give me one of them too. He might not be safe for work, but he's sure safe for us women!

    Ad rem...


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