03 May 2011

But wait, there's STILL more...

It's getting harder and harder for the eyerollers to come off as anything other than willfully ignorant.  Looks like the universe itself is racist, along with all the laws of logic and reason.

Personally, I felt this anomaly was very compelling. I mean, what are the odds that this unique pattern of pixels would be naturally repeated side-by-side in addition to the repeated pixels in the ’1s’ above it?

This had me wondering why a person would have to duplicate a blank ‘check box’  in field #4 if they were producing a fraudulent LFBC for Barrack Obama based on an existing birth certificate?

Most birth certificates would have three blank check boxes in field #4, because field #4 is used to list the birth order of twins and triplets. So, I surmised that if another birth certificate was used as a basis for Obama’s LFBC, it likely belonged to a twin or triplet…perhaps even the Nordyke twins who are widely known to have been born in Kapiolani Hospital the day after Obama.

Gee, who knew the Great Conspiracy Against Our First Black President reached down to the practically-molecular level?  (Pardon me as I perform an eyeroll of my own.)


  1. how in the heck did you run into this little cul de sac of lunacy??

    when I tried to follow your link, I was told that the blog is now private, btw.


  2. I'm not ragging on the blog, which makes some great points regarding the demonstrable doctoring of the Genuine Official Real BC. It showed that the same pixel pattern repeated in ways that are statistically impossible. I think it was Natural Born Citizen that I found it on...and it wasn't private when I saw it...?


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