16 May 2011

They just don't get it.

Ann Barnhardt was scheduled to speak in Boston today, but it seems no one wants to host the event.  This is Political Correctness, folks--just call someone a 'bigot' or 'hatemonger' and no one will want them speaking in their hall, church or back 40.  You've effectively silenced them...

...or not.  Because this is the Internet Age, y'all.  All you need is a camera and a computer to be heard around the world by any who have ears to hear.

I challenge all of you who think you know what this lady is about.  Take a half-hour and listen to her in her own words.

Who are the 'hatemongers,' really?  I'd say the term applies to those who are so blinded by intolerance that they refuse to listen to anyone they disagree with--and do their level best to make sure no one else will.  Just my opinion.


  1. Dear Wraith, Thanks so much for posting those vodeos. You go for that shit, don't you?

  2. Well, hi there, Mikey! You actually left a comment this time. It's a great start!

    Exactly what 'shit' is it that offends you? Was it the part about standing by Israel? The bits about keeping civilization from being dragged backwards into 7th-century barbarism? That end scene with her declaration of love for all humanity?

    Please feel free to tell me what, specifically, you're rolling your eyes at. It's no fun when you hit and run. ;)


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