10 May 2011

My own personal bitch-slap

Let's review some history.  Here's the start of the squabble:


About a month or so later, when I've ceased giving a damn about this fool and his pathetic attempts at rational thought, he finally responds.  On his own page, natch, with no attempt to let me know it.  Just like last time.

I offer my commentary, and his response, here:

How about you, Wraith, are you in touch with the Lord on these things too? Has the Lord told you it's OK to hate all Muslims? How about blacks and gays and liberals? You hate any of them too?Well, I'm a very recent Christian, having spent the first 41 years of my life as an atheist. So, if I am 'in touch with the Lord,' it's still in the baby-step stage.

As it happens, I don't hate anyone. I do, in fact, denounce any 'culture' that incorporates and encourages gang rape, cutting off the clitori of infant girls, and murdering people for being raped, being gay or daring to question the dominant religious paradigm. The question is, why do so many liberals defend these things?

As for your other snide remarks, I've sucked enough dick to realize that hating gays would mean hating half of my bisexual self. And of course I hate Black folks...that's why two of my three hopes for the Presidency in 2012 are LtC Allen West and Herman Cain.

Next time you want to talk about me, you might want to get my attention so we can have one of those civil discussion type things. As I'm well aware of liberal habits(deleting or altering comments their tiny little minds can't argue with), I'll be posting this unedited on my blog. Just FYI.

Wraith, Sorry it took me so long to get back to this one. I'll check out your blog where I'm sure by now I'll find your apology for having accused me wrongly of altering and deleting comments. This one of yours was posted the day you sent it.
See, folks, here's a fantastic example of Leftist tactics.  (Emphasis in my last paragraph above, added.)

Please read my post and find any example of my accusing MB3K, in particular, of altering and/or deleting comments.  You can't, because there isn't one.  I simply pointed out that it is a common tactic of those in his particular school of "thought."  Yet, he insists that I acused HIM, personally.  Interesting--to a Leftist, it really does seem to be all about them.

Notice that MB3K takes three weeks to respond, doesn't even bother to notify me that he did so(sorry, sweetie--I don't peruse the blogs of my philosophical opponents in an OCD frenzy.  I have a life), and tries to come off like he has some sort of moral high ground.  Bullcrap.  He's hoping I didn't notice this, because he's pissing his panties at the thought of throwing down in a real live debate with an ex-Leftist--someone who knows his tactics, how to counter them, and who is just itching to expose them for the benefit of his opponents.

Furthermore, notice that he doesn't respond to one single counterpoint I raised--he's too busy demanding that I apologize for something I never did in the first place.

I ask you again, Mikey...if you really want some of this, let's get busy.  Leave a comment--for real, this time, and we'll go at it.  You post it on your blog, I'll post it on mine.  That way, neither of us can get away with the alteration or deletion of each others' words. 

Step up or step off, bitch.

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  1. LOL. You'll never talk any sense into him, but it's fun to confront this type of leftist every once and a while anyway.


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