21 May 2011

Decency can--and will--prevail.

So, Jack Stuef has been 'given the opportunity to display his talents elsewhere' If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do.  I do not intend to gloat about this, nor rip on Mr. Stuef any more than I already have.  From the sounds of the linked article, Mr. Stuef does indeed seem to be engaging in some long-overdue introspection.  May God be with him in his efforts, and may he become a better person through learning from his mistakes.

But, my fellow Conservatives...notice this one line from the linked article:

Jack Stuef, the Wonkette writer behind the “Trig is retarded” piece which ended up costing Wonkette the entirety of  its advertisers (Blogads remains because they have to: they co-own the turkey but can only get the Clintonista astroturf ads nowadays) is out.
Emphasis is mine.  The entirety of their advertisers.  Every single company bailed out of Wonkette like the place was on fire.  We didn't even have to organize a boycott.  We didn't have to howl, scream, picket or threaten.  The folks in charge of these companies recognized the difference between right and wrong, and they refused to be associated with wrong.

Despite the propaganda we're fed, the majority of Americans still recognize the standards of civilized human conduct.  The Left is not running the show, no matter how often they try to tell us they are.

Let not your heart be troubled.  We're winning, no matter how loudly and often our opponents claim otherwise.

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