14 May 2011

Worth a thousand words

(Cartoon HT Mostly Cajun)

I try to operate from a position of honor, fairness and justice.  This is my default setting.  However, one needs to be cognizant of common sense and reality.  If you continue to play by the rules while your opponents are wiping their asses with the rulebook, you're going to get stomped.  Rules only affect civilized people.  The uncivilized are counting on that, to the detriment of the civilized.  I know.

If an opponent wishes to wage war with regard to minimizing civilian casualties, then we would do well to extend the same courtesy.  If that opponent wishes to murder as many civilians as possible, he has given up all right to expect any sort of 'fair play' from anyone.  We had every right in the world to kill the bastard by any means necessary, and my only regret is that we didn't mount his head on a pole at Ground Zero with a pound of bacon stuffed in his mouth.

I'm a very new Christian.  I'm trying extremely hard to love our enemies and pray for their immortal souls...but, God forgive me, I'm not quite there yet.

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