20 June 2011

The 'enlightened' Left

Geeze.  First the Dalai Lama describes himself as a Marxist, and now one of America's Big-Time Gurus Of Peace And Enlightenment goes on a whacked-out PDS-induced rant.  Link to Deepak Chopra's original article included in this link to John "The Author Formerly Known As Doctor Zero" Hayward's literary spanking:

This remarkable bit of intellectual flatulence is really directed more at the American public than Sarah Palin.  Every paragraph drips with contempt for the people he thinks will lurch toward Washington like a zombie horde, if the Maid of Wasilla gets into the White House and summons them with her beer bong. 

What else can a self-appointed elitist like Deepak Chopra do?  He knows even less about economics than he does about history, so it’s not as if he can write a persuasive article about the wondrous achievements of Obamanomics.  That’s why he took the time to vent his spleen on flyover-country America, and express his dripping contempt for their possible willingness to consider voting for someone who isn’t even running yet.

He and his ilk are faced with the absolute, complete, and comprehensive failure of everything they believe in.  Its ruin is clearly visible all around us.  You’ll see more of this cornered-rat behavior from them, as they are left with no recourse but to hiss their hate and fury at the American people who are preparing to pass judgment on them in 2012, and hope for rescue from the dwindling core of supporters who share their hatreds enough to be blinded by them. 

RTWT.  Every day, I'm presented with more and more evidence of how right I was to abandon the Left.

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  1. Excellent characterization of the left. They are fucked. Their policies are fucked and our country is broke. How do they deal with failure?? Refusal to accept the stark realization that socialism/marxism has always failed. Eventually you run out of other peoples money. That time has arrived.


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