11 March 2012

One more link...

...from Blue.
The Founders did not write it into The Constitution, nor did they codify it into law, but enough of Them wrote about it frequently and with powerful words. They wrote in some detail what was expected of the generations that follow when the government again becomes tyrannical. They understood human nature. They knew without a doubt that powerful men would again try to gain power over the Citizens of this country. They knew that men would again try to dismiss our God given rights and that those same men would try to rule over us. They expected future generations of Americans to do as they themselves did. They expected us to fight and die and to do whatever was necessary to preserve Liberty in America for all future generations.

We can never experience the full measure of the gifts that God gave us without the Liberty to lead our lives as we see fit. The gift of life. The gift of family. The gift of America. The gift of free will. Americans have been far too willing to give up Liberty for comfort. There is a price to be paid for that. A terrible price.

What are we willing to do to regain and retain that Liberty?

Emphasis mine.

Amen, bro.  A-men.

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