16 April 2012

Another TSM home run

Kevin Baker steps up to the plate...here's the "Marxism CARES!" pitch...

Marxism says that if everyone just behaves perfectly, then we will have complete equality and utopia will exist. Capitalism says that if two people make a trade, both come away better off than they were before they made the trade. Marxism says that the economy is best run from the top down. Capitalism says that the economy is best run from the bottom up. Marxism says that everyone should be a perfect altruist. Capitialism says that looking out for your own best interest is better for everyone in the long run.


The intentions of Marxism are morally pure - the equality of man, man!

And the results it brings are, more often than the Marxist ever want to admit, death in the millions and tens of millions.

I understand there's a certain equality in the grave.

...CRACK!!  And Baker knocks that sucker to Mars!  It's going, going...it is GONE, they're gonna need a ticket on the space shuttle to catch that one!

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