13 April 2012

Standing with Mr. Zimmerman

The 21st Century Media isn't backing off in the slightest, God bless 'em.  More on the ugly political, financial and racial motivations of this whole affair at the Treehouse:

This post is directed at those within the fourth estate and those who gain advantage from the manipulations fully supported within the fourth estate. The institutional legacy media, the leftists and left-wing radicals, and the political constituencies who are used to hiding behind the defensive mechanisms of the institutional leftist class of elites and betters, YEAH YOU

Sunlight is the best disinfectant for your rabid ideological insanity and Machiavellian manipulations. We, the supporters of freedom and the new media, we will not be intimidated, and damn sure ain’t gonna back down.

For our readers to understand. – The researched post which points out the hidden financial agenda behind the actions of Tracy Martin, Sybrina Fulton, Parks and Crump esq., along with the State Attorney General – Angela Corey, and Dept. of Justice and US attorney General, together with race-baiting opportunists Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Benjamin Jealous, has gained mainstream media attention. AND THEY ARE FREAKING OUT.

Breitbart is here, you LSM running dogs, and he's spawning thousands more of his spiritual progeny every day.  Your reign of duplicity is ending.  The house of lies you've built over the last five decades is burning down, and you can just choke on the smoke.

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