08 April 2012

Yeah, it's like that.

Via the illustrious Bubba, we find the musings of Mr. Kevin Jackson concerning the death of Black Pride.

When does truth trump color for black people? Black people in America have gotten almost everything we have asked of this country, yet it's still not enough for many blacks, Liberal Democrat racist blacks.

Our forefathers would be embarrassed at the outcome of the black community, and the fact that by now we have not overcome being the "black race" and risen to the level of being part of the "human race." Our forefathers pictured an America where faith in God, family, love of country, education and work-ethic were the core of what represented the black community. They expected by now that black people would represent the greatness of America, a country that despite its problems offered those once deemed lowest to rise to the top.

Instead of celebrating America's first recognized black president and all the strides black people have made however, there are those in the black community who want to make sure that black pride remains a thing of the past. Those black demagogues want America's first recognized black president to reset the clock on civil rights and oppress white people who had nothing to do with the past oppression of black people by Democrats.

RTWT.  Well said, Mr. Jackson.

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  1. Agreed. Here's another great post on those same lines:


    She doesn't post often, but when she does it's worth reading.


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