21 April 2012

Behind the Martin-Zimmerman case

Imagine if you will, a constructed narrative, designed with an intentional and hurried specific purpose, and replete with a hidden agenda.

If your ordinary mind can take you into the land of Machiavellian construct then you are a far better-minded cynic than I.

It is only when you are deep within that manipulative place you can begin to understand how challenging it is to get inside this riddle. It is like a basketball made of individual rubber bands intertwined to form a specific shape.

Confused about the whole "Murder of Trayvon Martin"/"George Zimmerman Self-Defense" case?  Well, you sure as hell can't depend on the LameStream Media for anything resembling the facts.  Luckily, we have the 21st Century Media to go to, such as my homies at The Conservative Treehouse.

Get yourself situated with beverages and snacks, 'cause this is going to be A BUTT-TON of information.  But if you want to know What's Really Going On, start clicking.

Part One (Update # 9)

Part Two (Update # 10.1)

Part Three (Update # 10.2)

Part Four (Update # 11)

Outraged yet?

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