14 April 2012

Some light Second Amendment reading...

...from Karl Denninger.

Yes, there were 14,748 homicides and manslaughters in 2010 (latest data available) in the United States and the majority (70-some percent) involved a firearm. But homicide didn't even make the 15 top leading causes of death in 2010. You're far more likely to die of heart disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease (read: emphysema), stroke, accident, alzheimers, diabetes, the flu, suicide, chronic liver disease (that is, drinking yourself to death), hypertension (high blood pressure), parkinsons or pneumonia than to be murdered.

And as "the gun lobby" has won, crimes have declined even though population continues to increase. This shouldn't surprise anyone; the risk of being caught by the police is real, but the risk of being shot by your intended victim is real, personal and if it happens immediate. There is no judge, no jury and no appeal nor do you get to claim a notch on your stick for having "gone to the big house" for a while.

When one considers that the FBI says there were 1.3 million violent crimes in total in 2010, The Gun, and its personal ownership, has literally reduced the incidence of said violent crime by half, and in nearly all cases the weapon is not fired.

I can't believe this whole subject is even being discussed any more.  It's like we're still debating whether we live in a heliocentric universe.

Hey, Bloomberg?  Brady Bunch?  All the rest of you hysterical gun-grabbers?  We pissed all over the Constitution and our God-given rights to give your utopian victim disarmament "gun control" a chance.  By every possible measure, it has been about as successful as attempting to put out a fire with gasoline.  We.  Are.  Right.  You.  Are.  Wrong.  Every single piece of objective evidence proves it, and however you might 'feel' is completely irrelevant.

Now sit down and shut up.  The grownups are talking.

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