14 July 2013

And here we go...

Marooned in Marin reports that Oakland is rioting.  Of course, anyone familiar with Oakland knows that they'll take any excuse to riot, so it'll be interesting to see whether this spreads to reasonably levelheaded areas.  Meanwhile, MiM's commentary is worth a read:

This whole case and trial is a tragedy.  The Martin family does not have their son, Zimmerman will probably not have any semblance of a real life, having to shake off all the attacks he received.

And why?

Because certain people use race as a way to divide our nation for their own benefit.  If Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackass were real "Reverends," they'd have the humanity to realize we're all children of God.  Instead, they've done nothing but foment racial resentment so they can profit off of it.

The same goes for President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. They've both acted stupidly by inserting themselves into this case.

But none of these people will talk about the black on black violence in areas like Chicago, which occurs despite the strict gun control laws.  Because stoking racial resentment and division is more important.

And that is the tragedy.

True indeed.

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