06 July 2013

They're just compensating for something.

Like being all hung up on that 'survival' and 'safety' stuff.  Crazy broads.

Gun control is advanced mainly by those who are rapists at heart. They want to force their will upon other people. That conforming to their dictates makes the rest of us more vulnerable to other forms of molestation, including sexual, not only doesn’t bother them, it’s the intended effect. Gun control is advanced by predators who do not care who is hurt by their restrictions or how much government force they have to use to enforce those restrictions. And if you think I am exaggerating, look at how much less time a convicted rapist would serve in New York City compared to a person who merely owns and peaceably carries a sidearm for self-defense there.

Oleg just condensed a definitive answer to millions of rationalizations, excuses and lies into one paragraph.  Well done, brother!

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