09 July 2013

The evil of the LSM

His Royal Majestic Graciousness, the Great and Powerful Emperor Misha I, May He Live For 10,000 Years, has posted a detailed examination of the culpability of the LameStream Media in either sending an innocent man to prison or sparking the upcoming race riots if this doesn't happen.

Just like it was no “accident” that Fast and Furious was wholly ignored by the Socialist OgabeMedia until New Media made it big enough that it couldn’t be ignored. It wasn’t “just” because they didn’t want to embarrass the Socialist Halfrican Extremist in the White House by reporting on his willful, knowing export of automatic weapons to Mexican drug lords, it was also because they knew full well that he did it because the Democrat Socialist Meme of the U.S. as the arsenal of foreign murderers wasn’t working, so he got his Federal Goons to do the job that law-abiding American gun sellers just wouldn’t do.

It is also no “accident” that the Socialist OgabeMedia have jumped to conclusions, without a single exception, when it came to nutjobs gunning down innocents, proclaiming every single incident as “yet another example of right wing extremist gun nut culture” until they were proven wrong. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

You can be wrong once or twice and admit you jumped the gun (pun intended), but you can’t be wrong every single time, making no official, public admission of fault, and claim it wasn’t deliberate.

Seriously, RTWT.  This guy knows whereof he speaks.  They're doing it on purpose, folks, so stop giving the LSM any benefit of the doubt.  They've far past proven that they don't deserve it.  At all.

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