03 July 2013

Psyops: The easily-"offended."

Marc MacYoung shows us why the screeching of the terminally-offended is really an attack, which well-mannered and civilized people often find catching them off guard.  It's one of those posts that'll make the little light bulb go on as you realize, "I knew there was something amiss here!!"

Play this one right, and you'll not only scare them away (although it will often manifest in their storming off in a huff) but they will steer clear of you.

Often such behavior results in absolutely nothing else happening. But even -- let's say in a work environment -- if the person runs off to tattle, you have a defensible (and articulatible) position.

Now granted this advice is predicated on the assumption that you weren't actually breaking policies, laws, or seriously screwing the pooch.

RTWT.  My own usual response to "I'm offended!" is "Sucks to be you."  But Mr. MacYoung's method might be a bit more diplomatic.

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