13 July 2013


See, for those of you slower types, there's a big difference between what's supposed to happen, and what actually happens in this country.

We are ostensibly “protected” and “served” by a militarized police force that routinely kicks in our doors, shoots our dogs–and sometimes shoots us too–when we’ve committed no crime whatsoever, and forces us to submit to unconstitutional searches at roadside checkpoints whether we’ve done anything wrong or not. Our soldiers are sent to ungodly shitholes ostensibly to vigorously and proactively defend us by killing our enemies and destroying the infrastructure they use to attack us, but in reality operate under absurd rules of engagement that basically amount to “no shooting, no fighting, play nice” and are tasked instead with building tottering, corrupt “democracies” in “nations” whose demonstrated incapacity for proper, humane self-governance are the reason we’re there in the first place.

But such an incapacity for proper self-governance is by no means a seemly topic for people like us to talk about, seeing as how we’re ostensibly free to elect and re-elect the same sorry lot of candidates over and over again, choosing from a pool of “statesmen” who are in reality contemptible, dishonorable, amoral grifters shoved onto our ballots by one of the most corrupt electoral systems of all time–”talent” culled from an ostensible two-party system wherein both parties advocate for the same thing: bigger, more powerful, less-responsive government, more regulation and taxation, less freedom. If we don’t like the direction we’re headed in, we can ostensibly complain about it to the faceless, numberless, all-powerful bureaucrats who are without meaningful restraint or oversight, who will then report us to the agencies tasked with seeing to it that we learn our lesson and stop our whining. Or else.

Ostensibly, if our displeasure with the obvious malfeasance of our “elected” president–ostensibly answerable to the People he ostensibly governs rather than rules–becomes great enough, he can be recalled and removed by our ostensible “representatives,” all whom are horrified by the very idea of it and will therefore never, ever do any such thing. This system of “checks and balances” ostensibly guarantees that we will never allow into office a malign, malingering, stupid, shiftless, worthless, deceitful wrecker of exactly the tyrannical sort we now have roosting in the White House and shitting all over our Constitution, routinely ignored but ostensibly the “law of the land.”

RTWT.  A most detailed and sobering rant, indeed.

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